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My first memory of telepathic communication with an animal was at the age of two with a Borzoi who lived with family friends. I’ve been told about a rather intense encounter with a bulldog (not for the bulldog or me, by the way) around age 1, but I don’t have actual memory of it. My first memory of communication with someone who had passed from physical form was with a child friend at the age of 8. I had numerous experiences with recently departed friends and family into my teens and it wasn’t until the passing of my dear Aunt Leah, in my mid teens, that I finally became comfortable with those encounters. Bless her!

Whether I realized it or not then, I have been a seeker and on a spiritual journey all of my life and continue to be. My first recognizable seeking took place not long after my aunt passed with the discovery of several books by Jane Roberts including Seth Speaks. Over the years I have been blessed to study with many wonderful teachers including Serge Kahili King, Michael and Sandra Harner, to name a few. Actually, we are all seeking and on our own unique path Home whether we realize it or not, so are our animals. I’ve always been an outside of the box thinker, always pushed the edge of things. It’s part of my nature and I think part of what makes me valuable to my clients.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA in the late 1950s. It was a beautiful place to grow up! Really.

Even so, my life appeared as a whole series of experiences to overcome (adoption, pathologically narcissistic/borderline parenting and it’s jumbo bag of issues, loss, lack, empath sensitivity, hyper sensitivity, chemical sensitivity and the list goes on). The myth of separation (as well as the power of Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome, well, they actually are quite related) ruled my every experience, even when I had supposedly attained greater understanding, deeper spiritual awareness, and greater gifts of ability and manifestation. I came, only recently, to a place in my own journey where I realized that all the stories and troubles and even the deeper seeking and problem solving had become their own prison of sorts. Add to that the field of understanding the impact of narcissistic parenting on the adult children of narcissists is still in many ways in its infancy and so much information is bubbling to the surface there for the first time.  So, I now find myself on a new path of transformation from a new and evolving perspective. Never did I imagine, at this time in my life, I would be so deeply engulfed in such a powerful rediscovering of my true self. It’s been amazing in how wonderfully the work is being transformed as well. With constant gratitude for the tiniest to the most grandly miraculous…

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