cute tabby and white cat shaman4animals The IntensiveThank you for choosing to purchase a session with me.

Know it is my honor to always be of the highest and best assistance to each and every one who entrusts me to provide my services for their animals or themselves.

Payment is always required prior to setting an appointment time. If you have any questions or concerns about which service will best meet your needs, please contact me before making payment to insure you get the best possible assistance for you and/or your animal family’s situation.

Please choose the appropriate payment option below and click the “buy now” button which will direct you to PayPal to make payment (no need for a PayPal account if you use a credit card). I only accept payments through PayPal. Once I receive notification from PayPal that a payment has been made (this can take several hours),  I will contact you within 24 hours with availability as well as instructions to begin the process. Please include your phone number (tell me if it’s text friendly) and the best email to reach you (if it differs from the email attached to your PayPal account) in the instructions to vendor box. Thank you!



Communication Sessions are just that, they do not include metaphysical or shamanic assistance. They include telepathic communication. If there are issues that need resolving, they will have some basic mediation or counseling offered, however, issues of a significant nature are best addressed in a mix session. This is also the session best suited for communication with an animal who has transitioned out of a physical body. If you are scheduling 2 animals, please pick the 1 hour option if you have simpler questions/issues to address and the 1.5 hour option if things are more complex but do not fall into the the Mix Session parameters. If you aren’t sure, please call or text me.


Mix sessions are for dealing with any kind of behavioral, trauma or health related issues where metaphysical and shamanic tools would be applied or where counseling and mediation are needed. This is also the session for psychopomp either during euthanasia or a natural passing.  Each “Mix” session includes 5 days of metaphysical support (per hour) following, prior to or bookended per our initial conversation, based on your animals needs.


This session is for metaphysical/shamanic/energy healing done away from a regular session. There is no phone time. A report is provided via email. The session is done based on timing provided via muscle testing as the highest and best for the situation. It can be a full 30 minutes at one time or the 30 minutes can be broken into pieces over the course of several days. This can also be a stand alone session to support other types of healing modalities or an added session to supplement other work or communication we have done. It can also be used as maintenance to support your animals well being.

Distance Metaphysical/Energy Healing Support 4Animals

A Simple Session is for one animal, only, to cover a few simple questions. It can also be used as a quick followup session following a Mix session or or as a check in during ongoing work or hospice.

Simple Session 1 animal only


Metaphysical/shamanic/energy healing, counseling, coaching for people.


Same as above for animals, but for people.

Distance Metaphysical/Energy Healing Support 4People

Please note that all single sessions are non-refundable and expire 1 year from the date of purchase. They can be rescheduled (limit 5 times), used for other services or gifted.

Please note: Packages are non-refundable, however, they never expire…4Animals & 4PeopleMost chronic trauma and behavioral issues require ongoing work for thorough and long lasting healing to take place. They may also require some coaching for you the animal guardian to best be able to support your animal companion’s optimal healing. This package makes all that more affordable.

Trauma/Rescue/Behavioral Coaching/Support

Health/Hopsice Support. When our animals are healing from serious illness or walking the path toward the end or their journey, this package takes into account other financial commitments during these times and allows for a greater affordability to support them in completing their healing with coaching, metaphysical/shamanic/energy/support, telepathic communication, resource research. During the final part of your journey together this package will also include hospice support, advice and pschopomp where requested.

Health Support/Coaching

This package gives a break on sessions if you are feeling a need to do some ongoing or deeper work on a specific issue. I do provide deep healing sessions (a single session or 3 or 5 hours) for those wanting to really dive in and address something specific and do some major lifting and clearing in one opportunity. This package can be applied to that kind of scheduling as well.

Metaphysical Coaching4People

Thank you and many blessings!

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