“Rachel’s unconditional love for animals is clear, but her greater gift lies in her ability to step into their hearts to gain their trust. She has the true gift of reaching them at a deep level to unravel some of the mysteries of their lives. Hope is a special dog, born with no eyes, a defective heart and severe brain damage. She endured major heart surgery several years ago and survived to become a teacher for the humans she would meet at BrightHaven. Recently, Hope had been slipping deeper into her own world and we feared we may lose contact with her. Interestingly, Hope at first refused to allow Rachel into her private world, but was happily able to be reached by Eme, Rachel’s own dog. And there our journey began! The last several weeks have been filled with the joy of seeing Hope once again becoming more grounded, able to eat and to find her way around again. Might I also share that I am especially drawn to Rachel’s amazing understanding of BrightHaven’s own passion, that of the world of animal hospice and transition. She has a deep passion and desire to help people to help animals, as well as help animals to also help their people during the special time of transition.”

—GAIL POPE, President and Founder, BrightHaven Healing Arts Center, Sanctuary & Hospice, www.brighthaven.org

“Non-verbal communication is essential when working with animals. There are many levels of expertise in this endeavor, I have found that Rachel has a very high level of expertise in the field. She has been very helpful to many people and their animals.”

—MICHAEL W. LEMMON, D.V.M., Highlands Veterinary Hospital, Renton, Washington

“Rachel is the most connected and profound animal communicator I have met. Nick, my 5-year-old grey tabby cat, who slept with me every night, went missing after Moose, a 17 year old orange tabby, decided to adopt us. I could not find Nick anywhere. After two months of desperate searching, I was given Rachel’s phone number and within 5 minutes of talking with her on the phone Nick was sitting right next to Moose in front of me while I was talking with Rachel on the phone. Within 2 days Nick was back sleeping at home, and within a week he was back sleeping with me.

A few years later I was teaching at the University. It was the first night of class. Moose had been going down hill slowly for about a year. I consulted Rachel regarding supporting him with his passing. She insisted that he was going to die this first night of class, and advised if I wanted to be with him during his passing not to go to class. I made the arrangements to stay home and sure enough he died that evening right in the middle of class. To be there with Moose in his last breath was a gift I’ll treasure forever, and if it wasn’t for Rachel, I would have missed this opportunity.”


“If we are paying attention we see there is divine guidance all around us, but often we ignore the signs. I feel blessed to have been paying attention on the day I was guided to contact Rachel. Through her amazing gifts as an Animal Communicator and Shaman she was able to help us understand the needs and desires of our beloved canine companion as she was transitioning from this realm to the next. Rachel was also able to “check in” with our younger dog to see how he was feeling after the loss of his alpha and best friend, as well as assist in the healing of his old trauma. It was truly amazing to watch as the healing began to take place right before our eyes…I am filled with so much gratitude.”


“It is difficult to describe the gifts Rachel gave me and my cat Freddie in the last stages of his illness. I have always connected very deeply with my “fur angels” and believe that animals are sentient beings—capable of conscious awareness and feelings. When I found out “My Main Man Freddie” was diagnosed with a fast growing terminal cancer and was in the later stages of it, I was beside myself. A very dear friend referred me to Rachel to help me understand and help him and me. I wanted to help Freddie in the best way I could and I wanted to help him transition in the most natural way possible, yet, I was unsure I was doing the right thing.

The time I hospiced Freddie was a profound spiritual time for Freddie and me. I confirmed through Rachel that he did want to pass naturally, and he had questions he wanted answered to assist him. Rachel and her “helpers” assisted Freddie and me with what we needed to do and how to be. She helped me understand my journey with Freddie, Freddie’s journey with me, our spiritual connection and our soul’s connection. I feel so much gratitude knowing I helped him leave in the way he did, as his transition was peaceful and filled with love. I owe much of this to Rachel who was so gracious with her time and her willingness to be of service to this higher calling.

Rachel has been a loving bridge to greater connection and communication with Freddie and my other five girls.  I am truly grateful she has come into our lives and opened this door.”


“I have known Rachel Randel since 1999 both in her work with mutual clients and as a client herself. As we share clients in common, I have had occasion to work in conjunction with her on some cases. All my experiences with Rachel and with others that she has worked with have shown her to be competent, caring, sensible and reliable. She works well even under difficult circumstances and is especially level headed in a crisis situation. Rachel has a gift for being in and around the dying process and has been very helpful for clients who are making that difficult transition. She is professional and at the same time warm and compassionate. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

—DIANA BOCHENSKI, DVM, CVH, Buellton Veterinary Clinic, Homeopathic Services, Buellton, CA

“I want to thank Rachel for helping my dog, Kona, and me during my son’s terminal illness. Understanding Kona’s behavior, her confusion and sadness, helped to delineate our family’s feelings.”


“Rachel Randel woke up my mind and opened my heart to the animals in my life in a profound and life changing way. She has helped me see the animals that live with me for the beautiful, evolved spirits that they are. We now have an entirely new relationship and I know my life is enormously richer for it.

As a volunteer for a bird of prey rescue and rehab center I work with wounded hawks, falcons, owl, and eagles. From what Rachel has taught me I now see these magnificent birds in a much more conscious way. I have been able, based on Rachel’s work with me, to get verifiable messages from the birds regarding their injuries. Not only do I work more easily with the birds, I feel that I am able to contribute more to their care and release. I also now see them, like my companion animals, for the wise ones they are. I see that they may be the ones rescuing and rehabbing me!

Rachel’s integrity and her strong inner compass and her commitment to the animals, to spirit, and to the truth make her someone you can absolutely count on no matter the challenge. I highly recommend her to anyone who cares for animals, for the earth, and for their own spiritual journey.”


“Rachel has been working on my dogs, horses, house and self for the last twelve plus years. In our first phone conversation we were not sure if she was what I needed. I decided I wanted to meet her. She was exactly what I needed.

She initially worked on one of my dogs, Maggie, who had serious allergies. She worked with Maggie’s physical, emotional and spiritual planes. She was the only thing that helped. Rachel gave me great referrals and resources. I know she is the reason Maggie lived as long as she did. At the end Rachel was there with her support and awareness.

Royce, one of my horses, had a leg issue. Rachel worked on him. She used etheric crystals to energetically support his leg, bringing his ankle up. It helped. Later he was X-rayed and we discovered the heel of his coffin bone was lower than his toe, putting strain on his tendons and ligament, thus the lameness. Rachel had intuitively recognized the problem and worked on an energy level to assist it. My other horse, Raymes, had hives. Rachel worked with him on an emotional level and the hives subsided. These are just a few examples of her work.

What I find most interesting is how my dogs and horses respond to Rachel. You can tell they are communicating by their body language and behavior.

I could go on about her…her honesty, her integrity, her compassion, etc. I am very grateful Rachel is in my life. I have never been disappointed. She is magical. I highly recommend her!!”


“My cats go outdoors when I am home and for several months they haven’t been coming when I call, sometimes staying out after dark, a breach of one of our basic agreements. I am so pleased with how things feel today after Rachel’s work with my 3 cats yesterday. Already there are such palpable changes. All the cats stayed nearby today and visited during their morning outdoor time. We’re all inside now. All the cats are snoozing, and I am really happy. I am so grateful to Rachel for bringing peace of mind back to my house!”


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