Do You Desire An Exceptional Experience For You & Your Animal Family?

Rachel Randel’s knowledge, uniqueness and expertise provide just that kind of experience. A 30 year pioneer in the field of animal communication. With her natural ability as an instant telepathic translator as it’s foundation, she was the first to provide a full service metaphysical/shamanic healing practice for animals. Realizing early on that we each are often mirrors to each other’s healing, Rachel expanded her practice and skills to provide the same help and expertise for people and environments knowing this would further help our animal families. To this day, she is always on the cutting edge, expanding and raising her vibration, growing her knowledge and understanding, keeping herself a finely tuned conduit to provide her clients the highest that Spirit guides her to, ensuring they receive the best.

Where animal guardians turn, when other options have failed… The power behind her work is Rachel’s exceptional ability to see beyond the picture to the hidden obstacles to healing and alleviating them with an overflowing repertoire of modalities, tools, ideas, intuitions and experiences from 30 years in successful practice. She is coach, counselor and mediator. Her deeply honest nature and outside the box approach pushes the envelope to give her clients the deepest most powerfully impacting experience. All the while, she is a great hand holder and profoundly understands the healing power a good laugh provides, no matter the burden. All this and more make Rachel indispensable to her clients.

Whatever your need, a real time conversation with an animal here or on the other side, help with behavioral, trauma, rescue, health, end of life issues, work to bring healing to issues you may be mirroring for one another or anything else that may be causing concern, Rachel will provide you that exceptional experience! Connect with her today to help enlighten, uplift, evolve, heal and grow your relationship with your beloved animal family!


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