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After 30 years in practice always exploring, learning and expanding, I think it’s safe to say I have experience working with almost every possible situation and a lot of different kinds of animals (as a matter of fact, my old tag line used to be “from Afghans to Zebras”). Not to mention also working with people and environments.

These are the areas I have considerable expertise and experience in:

  • real time communication. As an instant telepath, I literally act as a translator allowing you to have a conversational experience with your animals.
  • metaphysical/shamanic resolution, support and coaching for behavioral issues.
  • trauma miasms – a specific type of energy interference I have identified and can clear in animals who have been through the rescue process and/or have deep or chronic trauma. Once cleared, this really improves how all other types of work (training, veterinary, supplements, etc.) are able to help.
  • end of life support (natural, whenever possible, and creating greater grace in euthanasia).
  • HSA, if you are a highly sensitive person (HSP), chances are your animal(s) are Highly Sensitive Animals. Offer them options to help them cope.
  • Ongoing Coaching to assist through the process of resolving behavioral issues, trauma and illness as well as in support through end of life.
  • Holistic Consulting (assistance with resources and knowledge in choosing foods, toys, supplements, therapies, etc. to give your animal companions a healthier life)
  • Connecting with animals (and people) who have transitioned.
  • Grief release (assistance in moving through the grieving process when we are stuck – animals and people)
  • Distance Energy Support (energy tune-ups and clearing done away from the regular appointment process)

If you are interested in the equally powerful shamanic and metphysical work I offer for people and environments, please feel free to contact me for more information.

I offer several coaching packages for ongoing support in addressing behavioral and trauma issues as well illness and end of life.

Although, I no longer provide consultations for lost animals, if you email me, I can offer some techniques that clients have found helpful over the years.

I provide my services, pro-bono, to chosen rescue, rehab and hospice facilities. If you wish your organization to be considered, please contact me directly.

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