photo requirement

Photos of each animal in your household (even if they are not the focus of your appointment) are required for any animal session.

Please email (using the email link at the top of this page) them to me a minimum of 24 hours prior to your appointment or your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled once pictures are provided.

Photos must be individual of each animal (no one else in the photo).

It’s most beneficial to be able to see their face and eyes clearly in the photo.

Each photo must be current (6 months or less).

Please also include a photo of yourself and any other humans in the household, following the same guidelines.

Special instructions for animals who have transitioned (please include the following):

  1. A photo as a baby (or youngest you have of them)
  2. A photo at midpoint of your time together
  3. A photo as close to the end as you have

If you have a choice of photos for any of these it’s always best for me to have a photo where I can see the face and eyes clearly.

Special instructions for energy work:

  1. Include a full body picture of them by themselves as well as the above required.

This is done via email vs. computer upload to protect the privacy of your photos. Thank you!

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